Advantages of Getting Thumbtack Reviews


No longer are phone books and bulletin boards used to look for professional solutions. In the digital age of today, they have been replaced by online platforms like Thumbtack reviews. But what is Thumbtack? At its core, it’s a website and application that provides users with the ability to search for and hire expert services, from general contractors and flooring installers to handypersons and electricians. And in this article, we’ll examine it in full Coinjoin detail and the advantages that it can potentially yield for professionals.

What’s this online platform all about?

The Thumbtack online platform basically connects consumers in search of specific solutions and professionals who are looking to provide their expertise through a quick and easy three-step process:

  1. The consumer lets Thumbtack know the services that they require by responding to a set of queries.
  2. Available professionals then provide estimates based on the needs of the prospective client.
  3. Once consumers compare quotes, they choose a professional to hire.

The questions that consumers answer aim to assist the specialists in making a bid based on the specific requirements of the consumers. After which, the clients receive a few offers and read through reviews before deciding which professional to hire. While it may have similarities with other online services, like Yelp and Angie’s List, Thumbtack differentiate itself by connecting both parties quickly, either through phone or online messaging, to work the details of the job. Additionally, Thumbtack also offers an easy-to-use application for IOS mobile device users who want to utilize the service.

Services offered

While Thumbtack offers consumers the opportunity to connect to professionals within four different categories of services, namely, events, home, lessons, and wellness – the only platform provides a sizable list of solutions beyond the categories as mentioned earlier. From business marketing, data entry, and tax preparation to crafts like custom jewelry, quilting and blacksmithing. While its breadth of solutions is remarkable, it’s worth noting that not all types of professionals are available in every location, especially in more rural areas.

How much does it cost?

Unlike other alternatives, the Thumbtack pricing system works in favor of the consumers. This means that the chosen service providers shoulder the cost for those looking for solutions. After the consumer passes the bid for the desired project, the specialists can check the details and either accept or refuse the work. To bid on the job, the professionals need to purchase credits; the number of credits that each assignment requires will vary based on the scope and scale of the project.

Consumer advantages

Thumbtack is very consumer-friendly by design. When you get right down to it, they provide them with a platform to find and hire specific services at reasonably affordable prices. If you’re still doubtful, here are some more advantages that they boast for the consumer’s side.

  • Thumbtack offers multiple services for consumers.
  • Estimates are customized for easier comparisons.
  • The hiring process is easy.
  • They offer reviews to help consumers make informed decisions.
  • It’s free for customers.

While there are certain drawbacks with Thumbtack’s model, the majority of reviews for it indicate that people are satisfied with the services that the online platform provides.

Professional advantages.

There’s no denying that the Thumbtack platform offers consumers many benefits. However, it also offers professionals a lot of advantages. Read on to find out more.

  • Anyone can join for free.
  • It provides a broader reach for prospective clients.
  • The process of bidding is easy.

Joining Thumbtack won’t cost professionals anything. The only time that they’ll need to start paying is when they begin bidding on projects. Another advantage that it has to professionals is that consumers are only given a maximum of five bids. Because of this, competition isn’t so fierce amongst specialists.

Benefits of Thumbtack reviews

For professionals, securing reviews isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity to stand out. Consumers today value reputation and credibility above all. And the more positive feedback you have, the more likely that clients will choose you. For this reason, you must always try to encourage your clients to leave reviews after every completed job. With that said, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Begin by asking for reviews. This simple and straightforward approach might sound ineffective, but you’ll be surprised to know that many consumers will be more than happy to write down their experience with you if you request it.
  • Incorporate a process for requesting reviews. For instance, you can have an email sent to your clients once you’ve finished a job with them. If they’re satisfied with the work that you’ve put in, there’s a good chance that they’ll give you positive feedback.
  • Offer incentives to your clients for Thumbtack. More often than not, consumers are more willing to vocalize their experience if there’s something in it for them. This can come in the form of a discount, special promotion, or even a gift card.

Thumbtack is a great way to get jobs and improve cash flow. It inspires confidence in clients and gives them the push that they need to take on your bids. So always make an effort to secure reviews. It will do you business a lot of good.